Mython Media Announces Release of Human Trafficking Independent Movie “St. Mary”

Independent Nigerian Film Exposes Worldwide Abuse of Women Lured into the world of Human Trafficking

San Diego, Calif., October 26, 2016.  Mython Media, a San Diego based media production company, today announced the release on DVD of the Movie ‘St. Mary,’ ( a Nigerian independent film tackling the subject of human trafficking of women worldwide for sexual and work slavery. 

The movie’s release comes on the heels of recent reports from monitoring agencies, that more than 21 million people, mostly women, are ensnared in human trafficking around the world, with the continents of Asia and Africa accounting for more than 15 million of those people. 

“Human Trafficking is beyond being a problem; it is an epidemic and every nation needs to be held accountable.  Every year millions of women are lured into a world of sexual slavery and work slavery by the promise of singing careers, modeling careers, and free education abroad, only to find themselves trapped into the world of human trafficking,” said the movie’s director Matthias Obahiagbon.

The movie ‘St. Mary’ is a dramatization of the human trafficking problem facing many nations, who despite efforts to curtail the activity find it increasingly difficult to find and prosecute those who are ultimately running the operations.  Producers responsible for the film’s creation hope that it will raise awareness of the problem and help continue dialog between nations.

“This is truly an independent film,” said Darlington Agha, whose company JBIS Integrated Resources Limited, produced the film.  “The movie was not made with Hollywood special effects, or a Hollywood big budget, but rather by independent Nigerian filmmakers who wanted to showcase the way women are lured and trapped into Human Trafficking.”

Human Trafficking is a well-documented problem for every country, including the United States where recent reports say as many as 1.5 million people are ensnared in some form of human trafficking slavery.  According to a report from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, in just the first 6 months of 2016, there were 3,646 human trafficking cases reported in the United States, and more than 13,000 calls placed to the center itself.

“Clearly this is a problem, and we would like to help both with awareness and a donation,” added Mr. Agha. “A portion of every sale of ‘St. Mary’ from either DVD or theatrical release will be donated in support of ending the terrible campaign of human trafficking.”

About ‘St. Mary’

The Movie ‘St. Mary’ ( is a dramatization of women lured into the world of human trafficking.  The movie, a Nigerian independent film is directed by Mathias Obahiagbon, produced by JBIS Integrated Resources Limited, and distributed for DVD sale by Mython Media

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